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The power of Apexx01

Immune Boost

Strengthen your immune system and feel your best.

Restore and Repair

Aid your body in recovery and renewal.

Cognitive Performance

Improve your cognitive abilities and focus.

Energy Boost

Natural energy to get the most out of your day.


good health is essential for a happy life.

That's why Apexx01 focuses on a simple yet effective way to support health and well-being. Apexx01 activates and supports the mitochondria: the 'powerhouses' in our cells responsible for producing energy.

This energy is then used to support all processes in our body, from the beating of our heart to the execution of complex thinking processes.

52 carefully selected Ingredients. The perfect daily foundation for optimal physical and mental health. One scoop per day, every day.

Start your new healthy habit

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28 servings in one jar

Free delivery every 4 weeks (standard)

Adjust the ordering frequency to your preference, whenever you want

No commitments: Cancel your automatic shipments at any given time

€97 (3.46 per serving)

30-day money-back guarantee

Made with care. No GMO’s, herbicides or pesticides, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Gluten free, nut free, peanut free, dairy free. Keto friendly.

What the specialists say

"After studying several books on the function of mitochondria, I created a supplementation schedule to optimize mitochondrial function. Normally, I would provide patients with 17 different jars containing various components. Considering the costs and the number of jars people had to buy, I contributed to the development of a mitochondrial multivitamin. All in all, I believe this is an excellent product for someone experiencing fatigue, athletes, and individuals with a busy lifestyle."

Dr. Rob Elens (Orthomolecular GP)

"As an orthomolecular therapist, I am highly enthusiastic about Apexx01. Never before have I seen a supplement that is so complete in essential nutrients. The current Western lifestyle often requires supplementation for most people alongside their diet. However, many struggle to consistently take multiple supplements. Apexx01 offers the solution. Additionally, within just a few days, I have noticed a difference in energy. For me and my clients, it's a great product!"

Ebony Menso (Psychologist & Orthomolecular therapist)

"I am a professional athlete and personal trainer. Both demand a lot from my body and mind, and since I started using Apexx01, I feel much more energetic, both physically and mentally. It starts when the alarm goes off because then I have much less trouble getting out of bed. "Apexx01 is the perfect foundation for good health, and I recommend everyone to include it as a supplement to their diet."

Daniel van Corler (former Dutch Muay Thai champion & gym owner)

Wat onze klanten zeggen

A glass of Apexx in the morning is a day without worries.

Since I started drinking Apexx in the morning, I wake up much more refreshed. Throughout the day, I have a lot more energy and feel better overall. I am much less prone to colds, and I notice that I can concentrate much better. I haven't had any eczema issues since then and experience much less 'brain fog.' In short, a very satisfied customer. I wish everyone a glass of Apexx in the morning.

- Laury

Top product

Sinds ik Apexx01 drink, merk ik dat ik echt meer energie heb. Dit heb ik niet eerder zo duidelijk ervaren bij een supplement.
Bovendien is het heel prettig om een grote verscheidenheid aan supplementen te kunnen vervangen door slechts 1 supplement. En ik vind het echt lekker smaken!
Voor mij als orthomoleculair therapeut absoluut een top product voor mijzelf en mijn klanten.

- Ebony Menso

Apexx gave me my life back

Cut the blah blah, I am not from the Netherlands and after 6 months living here I felt so weak like never before and the main reason for that is the bad food quality. Super low in vitamins and minerals up to a point where I became so lazy and fatigued. I hated it so much, my low energy made me so negative and I could barely open my eyes when there is sun, I tried a lot of multi vitamins but did not make any sense. Always felt like I needed to sleep more and more until I started with Apex. After 2 weeks of drinking the product I am like an animal again always motivated, happy mood, high energy, so powerful like always and finally can look at the sun and say fu*k yeah I love my life again. It’s been 6 months now and I am lucky the product exist.
Apex simply will change your life!!

- Maykel el Hajj

I started using it for my...long covid symptoms

I started using it for my long covid symptoms. I no longer need separate jars of dietary supplements, and I also don't have to visit the doctor 2 to 3 times a week for a B12 injection. I can handle stimuli much better. I clearly notice a difference; I no longer have to spend 18 to 20 hours a day in bed. I can engage in activities again. I'm far from fully recovered, but my life is bearable now.

- Yvon Sliepen

Yes! Finally after three years! This works

Yes!! Finally something what is working!! After three years of taking all kinds off supplements like ivermectin, zinc, D3, Omega, magnesium, etc. Nothing works like Apexx01. I was one of the lucky ones to test this. The positive result of feeling more energie also is showing in my test results.
I have more energy. I can do more things like walking, go on a visit longer, stay up longer. I have less headpain, less muscles pulling.
I have a little of my life back.

So grateful that this is working for me.

- Esther Reinders

Stop looking for something else...

I never got this from any other supplement or product, I feel healthier and more energetic. It even made the winterblues fade away, truly amazing!

- Tamara Hamers

Exceptional product!

Exceptional product! I haven't encountered such a remarkable product in years that not only infuses me with boundless energy but also bestows unparalleled clarity. This one unequivocally delivers. Period. Adhering rigorously to their recommended daily dosage has proven to be a game-changer. I find myself invigorated to embark on daily activities, and my quality of sleep has undergone a remarkable enhancement.

- Fred Stege

Highly recommended

Excellent service, easy to take, and it really made a positive impact on me. Highly recommended 👍👍

- Scheres

Ik voel me energieker

Ik voel me energieker en mijn slaap is verbeterd. Ik slaap sneller en vaster. Ook heb ik minder last van een opgezwollen buik.

- Djekkie Hamers

Sleep better and more organized

I've noticed good improvements in my sleep quality and feel more energized during the day. Apexx has become a great addition to my daily routine and would highly recommend it.

- Harm Derks

Everything I already used in one...

Everything I already used in one product plus more !

- Robby

Outstanding Product !!!

This vitamin product stands out for its comprehensive blend of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The formula is designed to support overall health, immune function, and energy levels and it truly works for me! 100% recommend!!

- Gracie C.