Our Story (Apexx01)

Our story began with two problems that many can relate to: a lack of time and persistent fatigue. In the Netherlands, this has almost become the norm. It's striking how often people respond with a simple 'yes, busy' when asked how they're doing. Moreover, I hear countless people complain about ongoing fatigue. We have a prevailing work culture here. Rush and busyness have become a status symbol, a sign that our schedules are packed, and therefore, we are important. We're inundated with obligations. And as long as you're busy, everything seems fine. Right?

This scenario will resonate with many. I speak for all my friends who have become mothers in recent years when I say they simply don't seem to have enough hours in a day. Moreover, I can name numerous people in my immediate circle who have experienced burnout or are still grappling with it. Everyone has their own story. For some these problems are recognisable because they are a mum, entrepreneur, or making long days in construction. Others might have irregular working schedules or struggling with health issues that cause fatigue.

Jam-packed schedules and we're still striving for a social life. We're all busy and constantly tired. A few years ago, I started feeling the consequences. My jobs had irregular hours: sometimes early in the morning, sometimes at night, sometimes during the day. I've always trained intensively as well. While irregular work hours never bothered me, I did notice that my body needed more recovery time, and my energy levels were lower than before. Eventually, my exhaustion led to various issues. I struggled to handle stressful situations, resulting in heightened anxiety, which in turn robbed me of proper sleep. This led to frequent migraine attacks, which then caused even more stress because I couldn't do the things I needed to do. Cancel a task or work? That didn't seem like an option... I always wanted to ensure the quality of my work didn't suffer due to my fatigue. However, my quality of life ultimately became the victim. I was no longer pleasant company for others, and even worse, I wasn't pleasant for myself. I was standing in my own way. Easily irritable, constantly tired, forgetful, lacking patience, never enough time, always rushing, and with a negative disposition. These characteristics didn't align with who I am. 

I was caught in a negative cycle that I couldn't break. Both my physical and mental health were far from optimal. Exercising was no longer effective, and I wasn't deriving positive energy from anything anymore. Eventually, I decided to consult a doctor because my migraine attacks were becoming too frequent, and I was spending more and more days in bed. My battery was simply drained. Hence, on the doctor's recommendation, I started taking supplements. Slowly but surely, my energy levels began to recover. For me, supplements have become indispensable. Despite generally healthy eating habits, supplements provide that extra boost. My body recovers faster and better, my energy levels are higher, and my mental health has significantly improved. 

This was certainly positive, but soon enough, I realized I was carrying around a collection of supplement bottles everywhere. At one point, it was a whopping 13 bottles! Not exactly practical. Especially considering my frequent travels, and moreover, quality supplements are hard to find in many countries. Through a good friend, I got in touch with Rob Elens, an orthomolecular GP. I shared my story with him, and he concocted a blend of ingredients to support my lifestyle. By mid-2022, I had my own unique all-in-one supplement, in one single bottle!

People around me became interested. I often received questions like 'What does it do?' or 'Can I try it too?' Of course, it's not a magical powder, or a medicine, but after three days of use you can genuinely feel a difference. For me, it primarily means more energy (especially in the morning), and I feel fitter than ever before. Most of the consequences of my previous fatigue are virtually gone. I'm sharp, positive, sleeping well again, and feeling good. 

As demand for my all-in-one supplement grew, I went back to Dr. Elens. Can't we make this accessible to everyone? Together with him and a team of experienced professionals, we worked hard to refine the formula. The result was an all-in-one supplement that can improve our health and well-being in a simple yet effective way. The formula was thoroughly tested and improved, and it's now ready to bring out the best in everyone. The key element of Apexx01 is activating the mitochondria, the small 'powerhouses’ in our cells responsible for energy production. By optimizing mitochondrial function, we can increase energy levels, enhance mental clarity, and support overall health. Our research shows that both healthy individuals (without health issues) and those with concerns benefit from using Apexx01.

We believe everyone deserves to feel their best. Therefore, Apexx01 is for anyone looking to support their health. Apexx01 is the result of our passion and dedication to creating a straightforward, no-nonsense nutritional supplement. It was developed out of love, not commerce, to contribute to a healthier and happier life.

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