Waarom supplementen?

Why supplements?

In our busy and modern society, many of us strive for a healthy lifestyle. Many are trying to achieve this by making conscious choices about nutrition and trying to obtain all essential nutrients from their diet. However, even with great dedication, it can sometimes be challenging to get all the necessary nutrients.

Now, it's not necessarily the case that we need supplements. You may have lived your entire life without using supplements and have been fine. That is certainly possible, but there are a few reasons why you might consider taking a look at supplements. Firstly, our modern food system faces challenges that affect the nutritional value of our food. Modern agricultural methods, soil depletion, genetic manipulation, and long storage and transportation times result in food that contains fewer nutrients than before. Even if we make every effort to consume healthy food, it's possible that we may not be getting all the essential nutrients our bodies need for optimal health.

Furthermore, the world has changed in various ways, and as a result, we are exposed to toxic substances daily (not to mention what we consume and put into our bodies). Our bodies are being demanded more, and therefore, they require more nutrients to combat toxins. With the limited nutrients found in our food today, this naturally becomes a greater challenge.

Additionally, our changed lifestyle also affects our nutritional needs. Many people lead sedentary lives and work long hours behind a desk. While we may require fewer calories, our need for essential nutrients remains unchanged. It can, therefore, be a challenge to obtain all these nutrients without overeating. It is also now known that as we age, our bodies absorb fewer nutrients. Often, this is due to increased medication use as we get older, which can also hinder nutrient absorption. But even for younger generations who are still actively engaged in sports, it can be difficult to get the right amounts of nutrients, because they lead active lives. When you have an active lifestyle, your body also requires more nutrients for proper energy production and recovery.

So, why supplements? Supplements support your diet to ensure you receive all the necessary nutrients. Especially when considering the combination of fewer nutrients in our food, more processed food, and our current lifestyle, the nutrients we obtain are often below average. To truly bring out your best self, you can use supplements to support your diet.

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